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Diego Fernetti dfernetti at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 14:30:18 EDT 2020

Thanks to a few offlist messages today, I thought that the WW1 Modelling
website and its mailing list are the oldest habits I keep while navigating
the internet.
Since I started visiting the website, the connection to the digital world
has changed a lot, as we all know it too well.
Early on, hooking up into the net meant a quite defined purpose in mind
even before the "scream of a thousand robots" on the phone line meant we
were ready to surf. I learned of the WW1 modelling website by a link
PRINTED in a bloody magazine page! I duly followed the arcane words
(curses?) and after a series of loading backgrounds, links and whatnot I
finally could see the index page, sprinkled with little Albatrosen. Opening
a single image in the Gallery meant a lot of patience with my slow internet
connection of 1996! And of course, the mailing list archives.... what was
that? Who were Sandy Adam, Lee Mensinger and John Impenna? What kind of
creature was a Weier? It took me more than a year of learning the ropes to
actually subscribe to the mailing list, which meant an average of 80 daily
emails on my inbox!
So, how did you discovered this website and the mailing list? And when was
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