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I haven't had to add any to those bottles that were mostly full and had 
separated into binder floating atop pigment. Other bottles that were 
less full and had maybe been a little thickened already need a drop or 
two of whatever thins them. Some that didn't seal right and had mostly 
set up had to be pitched, but I managed to salvage most of what had sat 
for years. If you do this, don't forget Allan's warning about BBs 
rusting in acryllics.


On 3/2/2020 12:55 PM, Harris Contos wrote:
> Steve- Thanks for the (money saving) tip, too long away from indulging 
> in (one of) my vices leads me to think my paints are in the same 
> condition.?? Question, do you add a few drops of an appropriate 
> thinner??? -Harris
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>>     1. Reconstituting settled out paint (Steven Perry)
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>> Not sure where I saw and purloined this idea recently, but it works so
>> well and is especially applicable to those of us who haven;t done much
>> building of late.
>> The photo pretty much says it all. I just had to do a little filing to
>> get the clamp to fit in the saw.
>> To resurrect a fully settled out bottle of paint, I use a flat metal
>> spatula to scrape the gunk off the bottom and sides of a bottle, toss in
>> a couple of BBs or split shot, clamp the bottle and run the sabre saw
>> for 30 sec or a minute. New bottle of paint. So far I've saved what
>> would have cost me over 100 bucks to replace. On top of saving an
>> investment in paint, fully mixed paint sprays much more consistently. If
>> that doesn't convince you, go check the prices they want for paint
>> shakers and stirrers.
>> sp
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