[WWI] Reconstituting settled out paint

Ken Schmitt knnths at mchsi.com
Mon Mar 2 15:57:47 EST 2020

sp allows that:

“...a couple of BBs or split shot, clamp the bottle and run the sabre saw 
for 30 sec or a minute. New bottle of paint.”

Not only do I heartily concur …..   and, comma, in the strongest possible terms but
It is also, to use the technical term, f***ing genius.


Ken9, brigadier ret’d

PS/ Col. Mustard, in the model room, with the power equipment.

For extra credit: My saber saw went south, even farther south than where you live, ages ago.
What about duct taping it to the side view mirror and driving around on bumpy roads for an hour 
Climbing up on the garage roof, jumping off, climbing back up, rinse repeat.

Just spitballing here.

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