[WWI] Reconstituting settled out paint

Steven Perry sperry11 at tampabay.rr.com
Mon Mar 2 10:55:41 EST 2020

Not sure where I saw and purloined this idea recently, but it works so 
well and is especially applicable to those of us who haven;t done much 
building of late.

The photo pretty much says it all. I just had to do a little filing to 
get the clamp to fit in the saw.

To resurrect a fully settled out bottle of paint, I use a flat metal 
spatula to scrape the gunk off the bottom and sides of a bottle, toss in 
a couple of BBs or split shot, clamp the bottle and run the sabre saw 
for 30 sec or a minute. New bottle of paint. So far I've saved what 
would have cost me over 100 bucks to replace. On top of saving an 
investment in paint, fully mixed paint sprays much more consistently. If 
that doesn't convince you, go check the prices they want for paint 
shakers and stirrers.


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