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                I've returned Lynne's kits and books.  My floor can now be
walked on without tripping!  You must now contact her directly at
lynneyoung3 at att.net if you want something from the lists I've forwarded to
you.  My prices not good enough?  Make her an offer!  Roughly twenty boxes
of her kits plus a few boxes of books will be available on October 27 at the
upcoming Fundemonium contest and vendor show if you're around.  Details?
Ask me!

                Bryan and I helped her today with sorting out vacforms.
She's got a kit collection buyer who wants to give her about five cents on
the dollar for them but I told her to wait just a bit.  I told her to list
the vacforms on a Google spreadsheet and offer them to you one last time
(I'll forward her list when it's ready) for roughly 2/3 off list if you
still want to help.  For example, I've suggested to her that she sell the
Joystick vacs for $7 each plus shipping (compare to Kitlinx $18.75 plus

                Also, while I was up there rummaging through boxes I came
across a real ot find--seven large kits, 1/72 AMT/Ertl, including an
XB-70A-1, X/YB-35 Flying Wing, a YB-49 Flying Wing and four others.  Amazing
find!  I went to eBay and found that the average "sold" price for 55 of her
kits including shipping was $72 and change, so there's some history behind
the average prices quoted here.  See attachment for a short list, if you or
a friend are interested.

                The ot vacforms stash was prolific.  Tom had boxes and boxes
of Rareplanes and other vacs, including multiple nations' "tweener" biplanes
and such.  I went partially through one Rareplanes box and found several USN
biplanes and other gems, etc., so if you or your IPMS buddies are looking
for "weird flying things" for very low prices, try Lynne's list first.
Again, don't contact me for purchases; use Lynne's email above after you get
the Google list from me.


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