[WWI] Help on Stitching, Please

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I think the idea is to glue them on somehow, Harry Woodman used to advocate varnish as glue, and they’re supposed to simulate the line of laces on some WW1 types,  especially British, and usually on the fuselage sides, where they needed to be able to open them.  I’ve never tried them myself, as I’ve heard that they’re not completely convincing, and I think also they’re too big, the 1/72 versions being about right for 1/48 and so on.

All from vague memories of the halcyon days when Part p/e was cutting edge.

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While wandering through the entrancing world of the aftermarket, I came across some items by the p/e maker PART, from Poland.  Some very nice stuff they have.  Their catalog lists "stitching" sets for WWI aircraft, one in 1/72 of one type, three in 1/48 of types A, B, and C.  This is all new to me.  Could someone enlighten me as to the different types, and any experience in using this or similar products?  Thanks.  -Harris

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