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Kerry quotes:

>Greg VanWyngarden has a couple of Osprey titles that discuss Jasta B
>planes and pilots.

These are some of the books that set me to looking for direct evidence, but thanks for quoting the passage which might be of interest to others

>  The profiles are by Harry Dempsey and, as usual,
>none show the undersides of aircraft.

Meaning no disrespect to Bob Pearson, Harry Dempsey, Ronnie Bar et al. I use profiles as an inspiration but have never thought of them as better than hearsay - without corroborating  photos or period written evidence. Or even an admission that the profile is speculative, which at least makes me sure that *they* know the limits of their sources.

Try comparing the representations of the same aircraft by three or four different artists. It's very interesting to see who (for example) routinely uses a generic streaky pattern at ~45 degrees on the wings of every Dr.1 they illustrate, and who at least tries to get the direction, if not the pattern, correct in aircraft where clear photos are actually available.

So, another vote for top and bottom, based on the same text that set me searching. I wonder if GvW said "with the centre line of the fuselage being the demarcation point" with evidence that it applied to the fuselage undersides centre line too.

Thanks very much for your help mate.


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