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Steve says

>There is a picture of Baumer's Pfalz D.VIII that shows the undersides of the elevators dark and light on opposite sides.

It's an eerie coincidence that you mention this. I'm currently attempting his Dr.I, in its early incarnation with Eiserne Kreuz in 11 positions and no wing stripes which is why I'm curious about the tail feathers. A pic of a Jasta Boelcke triplane with its underwear showing would be better, but even inherited knickers might tell a story

Ray had commented

>Unless its Navarre and verdun, The whole unit and personal markings would be for other aircraft.

Which is an acute observation. AIr combat happens in three dimensions.  Even a turning duel exposes the undersides of a banking aircraft to others at the same level who might be tempted to a deflection shot. Better it be made clear from every direction just who is who.

I'm still torn. I am also surprised that there aren't more photos of Dr.I crashes, but probably shouldn't be. There really weren't many Triplanes and even less were Jasta B.  However, at this point I'm getting ready to paint the tailplane and elevators on both sides, but leave the under surface of the fuselage in turquoise as a nod to uncertainty. Unless someone else comes up with something definitive soon!

And anyway, those who will see it won't know any different so I'll be left alone with my daft questions.


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