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You might also want to contact some of the people on their contact list about a club or clubs in the Phoenix area.  Belonging to a club out there might make your winters even more enjoyable.  I have always found local clubs to be a great way to meet other like-minded crazy people.

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DaveThere's been two US Nationals here in Omaha and after attending both I seriously contemplated taking up knitting or basket weaving as a hobby 😜.  
Top notch models that look like the just flew in to the display room.  The vendor rooms are a budget buster.    Lots of OT books and decals I did realize I 'needed'.   You'll find the vendors selling kits at a discounts towards the end of the event too.  
Charlie D. 
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BudThanks very much for the information. I’ll have look into this. I take it The IPMS is a national modelers organization?We live in Gilbert AZ near our kids in the winter months. Home is western NY State south of Rochester. I usually avoid AZ in the summer but this might be worth braving the heat!!!Thanks very muchDave

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Hi, Dave.  The US Nats refers to the IPMS USA National Convention to be held this year in Phoenix, August 1-4.
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BudWhat is the US NATIONALS 2018???We’re wintering in PHX / Gilbert til April. 
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Coming out of deep lurk to ask who plans on attending the Nats this year.  I've never been, but since Phoenix is not that far, I'm giving it some serious consideration.So, who's going?Cheers,Bud

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