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I've  found  an interesting website  with different life stories, they  are really cool,  you may reading  more  here  http://www.raynetics.nl/autonomy.php?UE93d2lAd3dpLW1vZGVscy5vcmc-

Good wishes, Howard Han

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Eh, I  see  where you're coming from, but  the  whole time watching this movie  I just got the  feeling that I've seen it  before, and  done  better.  This time  of the Oscar season  always gets at least one British historical drama about  some  English hero with a great personal obstacle. And while I'm sure it  was a passion project, that doesn't guarantee quality, there were  more then a  few moments  that seemed insipid or  sickly  sweet. It's the kind of film  Tom Hooper makes, except without  his experience.

I quite liked this  film and it certainly gave  me an education on Turing's life,  but as a film it's nowhere near a Best  Picture, no matter what noble intentions about teaching the world a lesson on Turing it held.

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