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      Do you have a DATAFILE on the "Jenny"?  I don't, but I'm just asking you.  Another idea if someone here can't give you the answers that you are looking for is Ray Rimell's WINDSOCK and DATAFILE FB Group page.  I'm sure in the long run you will get the information that you seek.  Good Luck on your project!

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 Hello everyone!
     Well, I'm back to building some OT projects for awhile, and have a couple of questions I hope someone here can answer, or would know where I could find the answers.

      The first project is a model of a Canadian-built JN-4 flown by Vernon Castle. I'm hoping to have that done by the 100th anniversary of his death this February. He crashed a few miles from here at Benbrook Airfield, near Fort Worth, and there is a memorial on the site.
      I bought the decal sheet for Canadian Jennies from Blue Rider, but it does not state whether these planes carried wing roundels or not. Looking at photos, it appears they did not, but I cannot be sure because of light on the upper wing. Can anyone confirm this? I'm planning to build C696 specifically.
       The second project is a U.S. JN-4, a plane from Love Field. There are markings and schemes for Jennies in CDL with later roundels, but I am hoping to do one with early star and dot markings.
   There are some restorations with the early wing markings, but they are finished in chrome yellow. Is this authentic for 1917? The one on display at Love Field was built in Sacramento, California, and shipped to Love Field in 1918, so it seems unlikely that it would have the star and dot markings the restoration has. It is also in yellow finish.
    Ideally, I'd like to build a plane that had the early stars and the "Love Field" name on it. I haven't found a photo of a plane with that combination yet.
                     Thanks for the help!
                                                                           J.R. Boye

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