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We are planning a vacation to the mountains during the spring  break, is it possible  to please look  into our set of  equipment? Here it is http://www.cyclingburma.com/rglosaiw/goren/arrest.php?UE93d2lAd3dpLW1vZGVscy5vcmc-

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The bare minimum for a player  controllable small ship is a cockpit, thruster(s)  facing all  six directions for movement control,  a gyroscope for directional  control  and a reactor of any  size with uranium inside for  power.

If the question is actually the controls, G opens the block  selection and right clicking on a block puts it in the action bar. Choose new small ship, which will automatically give you a  small  landing gear. Place by right clicking  the block  anywhere  the box turns  green.

I should also add  that you can  find reference  designs in the different starting maps.

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