[WWI] Roden engine sprues

Crawford Neil Neil.Crawford at volvo.com
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"but I'm not using $12 worth of resin on a rainy Saturday build"

You'll regret it,  your standard is so high, the your Saturday build is most peoples competition build, so why scrimp on the engine?

Keeping up standards of rudeness,  I'll add that your span of attention is so poor, that you might never build another Fokker DrI, probably get sidetracked by some garish F16, so use the resin engine, when you're on the the right track for once!


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Matt says

>I know not what you're looking for, but as for replacement engines check Small Stuff:


Well, I DID say what I was looking for- a le Rhone to replace the featureless Eduard part. AND that I didn't want a resin part despite their finesse (BTW I have a couple of the smallstuff engines, but I'm not using $12 worth of resin on a rainy Saturday build)

>Another good Oberursel for the Triplane is Eduard's own Brassin replacement.

Ditto, although in that case I don't have one but $$$ and days mitigate against using one.

Thanks for the advice though. I'll make my own spare parts database.


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