[WWI] Roden engine sprues

Shane Weier bristolf2b at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 21 10:08:04 EDT 2017

Matt says

>I know not what you're looking for, but as for replacement engines check Small Stuff:


Well, I DID say what I was looking for- a le Rhone to replace the featureless Eduard part. AND that I didn't want a resin part despite their finesse (BTW I have a couple of the smallstuff engines, but I'm not using $12 worth of resin on a rainy Saturday build)

>Another good Oberursel for the Triplane is Eduard's own Brassin replacement.

Ditto, although in that case I don't have one but $$$ and days mitigate against using one.

Thanks for the advice though. I'll make my own spare parts database.


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