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Hi all,

Rainy day, actually, rainy two+ weeks, and I've just been digging through a small mountain of 1/72 aircraft kits after accidentally starting an Eduard 1/72 Fokker Dr.1

The Eduard engine is *atrocious* compared to both the Roden and Revell 1/72 Oberursals so I figured to swipe one from a Roden Fokker Dr.1, only to discover that they'd already been swiped.  Not a problem, because 204/17 had a le Rhone anyway, and the Roden Camels come with a le Rhone and a Clerget (and in some boxes a Bentley too)

Anyway, it got me thinking about the vast supply of spare parts in a collection of Roden WW1 kits. The engines, guns, wheels etc. are all pretty finely moulded (NOT resin degree of finesse but what the heck).

ALLOWING for my incipient Old Timers syndrome, I *thought* that someone on the list had made a listing of just what engines/guns/etc are included in which kits but my Google-Fu has failed me, or I imagined it. *Does* anyone recall making such a list? Or know its whereabouts

It'd be a handy resource for those of us satisfied with styrene engines but wanting le Rhones that actually have induction pipes and don't want to risk entombment under a falling pile of Roden/Toko/Eduard/Special Hobby/Amodel/Olimp/Flashback/Pegasus/Merlin/Aeroclub eeeeek!


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