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I have been  working on various dark teams, an Athena team, and  a Minitron 2-prong  team. But then I pulled Pandora, my  one true love  who has eluded my grasp for so long. I  kept  telling my friends, I have so many of her  subs, just  not her!  Well, that problem is fixed. So, how should I build it? Does  Lubu  have a place on the team, or should  I  feed his  200  or  so plusses to my one  true  waifu? Any and all suggestions concerning my  box, pandora related or otherwise are greatly appreciated.  Most of  my orb changers are  max skilled. I know pad herder is preferred, but I did  my one  roll at work, and I  just wanted feedback as  soon as  possible. Thanks in advance!

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