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Thought you might be interested in Richard's reply. I'm still convinced it
was PC10, but it is an interesting postulation...

Andy Bannister
Thunderbird Models Ltd

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Hi Andy,

Thank you for your support and comments.

My comments are below...

On 17/04/2017 3:26 a.m., Thunderbird Models wrote:

Good day,
My Wingnuts Wings Sopwith Camels arrived a couple of days ago from my local
distributor. I won't bore you with the usual superlatives; they are typical
WNW quality - enough said!

I'm curious about your depiction of Barker's Camel though and am wondering
how you arrived at the conclusion that it had a glossy PC10 cowling and
forward panels during its time with 139 squadron? Photographs (including
the one in the kits instruction booklet) show this to be extremely dark -
black or red would be my guess - nowhere near the same shade as the rest of
the airframe.

Black or red nose as per this...?

PC10 gloss vs matt test view a

Even taking into account tonal differences due to gloss vs semi-gloss
paint/dope or the different materials being covered and the difficulties of
interpreting colours from period photos, I just can't see this as being
anywhere near PC10.

In Chaz Bowyer's "Sopwith Camel, King of Combat", it's stated that one of
Barker's pilots said he "liked a show" and painted the small spinner red.
No mention of red being applied anywhere else, but surely someone who
"liked a show" would not have had his machines cowling etc. overpainted in
dull PC10?! Plus the red spinner seems to be the same dark shade as the
cowling, etc.

Interestingly is was Chaz Bower's Sopwith Camel - King of Combat that
originally set us on the path to a gloss/enamel PC10 equivalent paint being
used and not the black of conventional wisdom, mainly because if it had
been painted a noteworthy colour like black,  it would have been mentioned
like the the red spinner and devil mascot.

Is there documentation for the interpretation of this colour scheme? Most
profiles I've seen of it depict it as black, I'd be interested to hear if
any new evidence contrary to this popular theory have come to light.

Additionally on page 142 of Wayne Ralph's Barker VC book it states that "As
part of the transfer to 139 Sqadron, B6313 received a strip-down
inspection... ... The polished metal finish of the engine cowling was
painted to match the fabric...".

PC10 gloss vs matt test view c

As you can see from this test image the colour was actually the same, it
was just the gloss vs matt finishes and lighting conditions that
dramatically changed the appearance. Note that this was simply a proof of
concept to see if the evidence in "Barker VC" could match what is seen in
photographs, which it did. This test did not make use of the Wingnut Wings
Sopwith Camel, nor did not use a specific mix of PC10 so the greenish
colour you see in this image should not necessarily be interpreted as

Many thanks for your time and the amazing kits - long may they continue!

Kind regards,

Andy Bannister
Thunderbird Models Ltd

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I hope this answers your question.


Richard Alexander
General Manager
Wingnut Wings LTD
PO Box 15-319, Miramar 6022, Wellington, New Zealand www.wingnutwings.com
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