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Those are on your original CD aren't they Bob ?

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  Here is a page I did about Barker’s Camel almost 20 years ago



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  You have to be careful with his aircraft, being the longest serving Camel. He had it for more than a year, in which time it had more than one replacement undercarriage, new top wing. and had been repainted and redoped more than once. So perhaps sometime during that time it was as portrayed..  pity it wasn't preserved...

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    The Wingnuts Camels arrived a couple of days ago. I'll dispense with the usual superlatives; they are typical WNW quality - enough said! I take issue with their depiction of Barker's Camel though. They have it as glossy PC10 cowling and metal / wood panels. Surely this can't be? Photographs show this to be extremely dark - black or red would be my guess - nowhere near the PC10 of the rest of the airframe, even taking into account tonal differences due to gloss vs semi-gloss paint or the different materials being covered. In Chaz Bowyer's "Sopwith Camel, King of Combat", it's stated that one of Barker's pilot's said he "liked a show" and painted the small spinner red. No mention of red being applied anywhere else, but surely someone who "liked a show" would not have had his machines cowling etc. overpainted in dull PC10?!

    Anyone know where Wingnuts got this idea from? Is there any documentation to support it? It's not standard practice as far as I'm aware so I can't see Barker requesting such a dull scheme. I may drop Wingnuts a line to see where they came up with the colouring.

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