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Those are on your original CD aren't they Bob ?

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> Here is a page I did about Barker’s Camel almost 20 years ago
> http://www.cbrnp.com/profiles/quarter1/barkers-camel.htm
> Bob
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> You have to be careful with his aircraft, being the longest serving Camel.
> He had it for more than a year, in which time it had more than one
> replacement undercarriage, new top wing. and had been repainted and redoped
> more than once. So perhaps sometime during that time it was as portrayed..
> pity it wasn't preserved...
> Ray
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>> The Wingnuts Camels arrived a couple of days ago. I'll dispense with the
>> usual superlatives; they are typical WNW quality - enough said! I take
>> issue with their depiction of Barker's Camel though. They have it as glossy
>> PC10 cowling and metal / wood panels. Surely this can't be? Photographs
>> show this to be extremely dark - black or red would be my guess - nowhere
>> near the PC10 of the rest of the airframe, even taking into account tonal
>> differences due to gloss vs semi-gloss paint or the different materials
>> being covered. In Chaz Bowyer's "Sopwith Camel, King of Combat", it's
>> stated that one of Barker's pilot's said he "liked a show" and painted the
>> small spinner red. No mention of red being applied anywhere else, but
>> surely someone who "liked a show" would not have had his machines cowling
>> etc. overpainted in dull PC10?!
>> Anyone know where Wingnuts got this idea from? Is there any documentation
>> to support it? It's not standard practice as far as I'm aware so I can't
>> see Barker requesting such a dull scheme. I may drop Wingnuts a line to see
>> where they came up with the colouring.
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