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Thanks so much Steve. And thanks to everyone else who replied. While not directly usable to print graphics from, all these pics have convinced me to go ahead and make up some pulleys and cables and install them in the wing structure as i build. Tedious but not dificult. Too much wow factor amongst the newer pilots at the field who have never built, only assembled. 
After clogging the list with talk of flying models, i suppose i ought to give the purists something fo feel smug about. I recieved the custom graphics i ordered and was hot to trot to see them, I covered the fin and rudder so i could apply some of rhe markings just to see. Well i had a senior moment during which i passed a particularly rank brain fart. I covered the fin in white and slapped "The Sopwith Aviation Co Kingston on Thames" graphic in place, patted myself on the back and admired my own handiwork for a minuite before it dawned on me that the fin should have been CDL. Doh. Play with sharp knives and hot irons for half an hour with brain disengaged, i suppose it could have been worse. As pennance, Ill order new graphics and recover the fin in CDL.

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Steven, this is the best I have. I might be able to get better shots of the lower wing ports next time I’m at Old Warden, but that’s unlikely to be till next year


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Does anyone know of any photos of the aileron pulley inspection ports on the wings? Im looking for a straight on shot looking down into the port showing the pulley and cable. Specifically, im looking for one on a Sop Tripe. The lady who makes custom vinyl graphics says she can print photographic images and i want to use a graphic recessed into the wing, rather than scratching each port. The model is 45", so the ports arent that small.



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