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Thanks Bud. Thats the kinda shot im looking for. Im seriously lacking in Tripe references, but i cant imagine they are much different on the Camel. Good shot of the Rotheham pump too. Im gonna scratch one and use a cut down plastic kit prop mounted so it will spin in flight. Guess i have to fire up the computer, searching the web for references is a pain on this phone.

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Hey, Steve.  Take a look here.  Keep scrolling down till you get to it:  http://forum.ww1aircraftmodels.com/index.php?topic=6593.0
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The Sopwith Triplane seems to have an unusual arrangement with one large inspection window centre and two smaller ones under the roundel.Getting pictures from above a Sopwith Triplanes top wing is a tall order - I haven`t found any good images on my disks.

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Does anyone know of any photos of the aileron pulley inspection ports on the wings? Im looking for a straight on shot looking down into the port showing the pulley and cable. Specifically, im looking for one on a Sop Tripe. The lady who makes custom vinyl graphics says she can print photographic images and i want to use a graphic recessed into the wing, rather than scratching each port. The model is 45", so the ports arent that small.TIAsp

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