[WWI] Sopwith Triplane

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That is one of those subjects that the debate continues on, there is solid reasoning to both arguments so go with what you like.

What kit you doing? or is it scratchbuilt. I have a 33” Dare Tripe that awaits its RC innards and covering for a decade now. . to all intents it is now a hanging sculpture in my workroom


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We got lucky. It was the other side of the State that got the heavy weather. We just had a couple of rainy and breezy days. I used that time in the shop to get a start on an electric powered RC Sop Tripe, bout 40 inches or so.

I was going to do it as one of the Black Flight. Ive seen pictures of paintings and replicas showing Black Flight machines in both PC 10 and PC12. Which is correct? Or is this another indeterminate can of B&W photo interpertation worms?
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