[WWI] Sikorsky Ilya Muromets

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We got lucky. It was the other side of the State that got the heavy weather. We just had a couple of rainy and breezy days. I used that time in the shop to get a start on an electric powered RC Sop Tripe, bout 40 inches or so.
I was going to do it as one of the Black Flight. Ive seen pictures of paintings and replicas showing Black Flight machines in both PC 10 and PC12. Which is correct? Or is this another indeterminate can of B&W photo interpertation worms?sp

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SP says

>That had to be a serious pain in the posterior to balance. The stab on the Ilyas was a lifting surface so
>figuring mean aerodynamic chord must be a real treat

Being a lazy bugger at best I'd have compromised by building the tail plane without camber but I assume that if it was being built for "scale" competition the model would require it.

>I expect flying it will put a pucker in your butt, all that time and money. Hats off to a magnificent piece of modeling.

Agreed in every respect.  And I notice that your part of Florida hasn't apparently been blown or washed away, which is a good thing.


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