[WWI] Who's going to Telford this year?

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I look forward to finally meeting you, Costas! 

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Hi there 

I expect to see you al in the Hall 3 at GasPatchModels stand and as usual in the traditional beer moment :-) 



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I'll be there too under the GWSIG banner. I have a feeling we have another GWSIG member visiting from the States as well, but don't recall who it was off hand. 



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I'll be there manning the Great War SIG tables. Look forward to meeting you. You're welcome to treat the SIG as your home during the show. 

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We've finally sold our rental in Montana, so I'll have the money to go this time. I've reserved a room at the Old Orelton Inn for the weekend and a flat in London for 3 days prior, so looking forward to meeting up with as many listees as possible. Anyone going? 


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