[WWI] Nieuport 17 A6644

Mike Vice jmikl2957 at comcast.net
Wed May 25 16:22:23 EDT 2016

                On p. 107 of the Cross & Cockade Nieuport book there are two
photos of A6644, flown by 2Lt. TH Lines of No. 1 Squadron.  The upper photo
shows Lines' aircraft before its capture, armed with Le Prieur rockets,
while the lower photo shows the aircraft after its capture and with German

                It occurred to me that building two 1/48 Eduard ProfiPack
Nieuports, with each of the two sets of markings, would be very attractive.
However, I've checked my stash of British markings and cannot find 1/48
decals of the white "6" outlined in black on the fuselage or of the serial
number on the tail.  The serial number I can jury-rig with my Pegasus number
sheet, but the "6" is more problematic.  Does anyone know where I can get
the fuselage number decals for my Nieuports?



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