[WWI] Brisfit question

Kerry Lynn kerlyn2001 at verizon.net
Sun May 22 12:19:17 EDT 2016

Hi Karen,

I miss the days when the instructions used to list the name of every 
part.  That
really fed my curiosity as a kid.  Luckily, WNW are getting better in 
this regard.
The instructions for 32060 Bristol Fighter F2.b (Post War) identify that 
gizmo as
the "petrol filter" (pages 7 and 15).  The feed line comes through the 
firewall on
the right side of the a/c (though I've seen other photos that show it coming
through on the left) and then runs from the pump forward, probably to a 
fold.  The best view of a fuel line entering a carburetor is second from 
the top
right on page 14.  There, looking just above the exhaust manifold, you 
can see
a right-angle brass fitting with a black metal line running to it.

If you ever need to rebuild one, here's a reference to the carburetor:

Regards, Kerry

On 5/21/16 7:00 PM, Karen Rychlewski wrote:
> For our encyclopedic minds:
> Where are the fuel lines on the RR Falcon engine?
> I’m limbering up the modeling fingers with a Bristol F2B and can’t leave well enough alone. Have been studying photos in the WNW instructions and other photos from various sources, and I admit I can’t find the fuel lines to the engine. There are, I assume, four carburetors—two at the front and two at the back…where do the fuel lines connect and how do they get to the carbs from the fuel tank?
> On page 15 of the WNW instructions there’s a photo of the lower firewall; the water pump is the silvery piece hanging down with two large hoses attached to it. What is the little copper-colored gizmo at the very bottom of the firewall and where do its two hoses go?
> Any drawings/cutaways/etc. of this engine would be appreciated
> Karen

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