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Diego Fernetti dfernet0 at rosario.gov.ar
Sat May 21 19:11:38 EDT 2016

  Dame K!
I don't have enough refrences here now, but maybe this photo might help
showing where the fuel tank selector is located and how is connected to the
different tanks:

Karen Rychlewski <wanderer at earthlink.net> escribió:

> For our encyclopedic minds:
> Where are the fuel lines on the RR Falcon engine?
> I’m limbering up the modeling fingers with a Bristol F2B and can’t
> well enough alone. Have been studying photos in the WNW instructions and
> other photos from various sources, and I admit I can’t find the fuel
> lines to the engine. There are, I assume, four carburetors—two at the
> front and two at the back…where do the fuel lines connect and how do
> they get to the carbs from the fuel tank?
> On page 15 of the WNW instructions there’s a photo of the lower
> firewall; the water pump is the silvery piece hanging down with two
> large hoses attached to it. What is the little copper-colored gizmo at
> the very bottom of the firewall and where do its two hoses go?
> Any drawings/cutaways/etc. of this engine would be appreciated
> Karen
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