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Thanks Paul, but I think the drawings are not only reproduced to the wrong
scale in plan view, they are wrong to begin with as the lower wing is too
small compared to the dimensions in the back of the datafile and the top
wing is too long. As the Roden top wing is 18" too big in span I still
think it will be easier modifying the Revell D.VII wing than shortening and
flattening the Roden effort. I have an old IPMS Canada article on
scratchbuilding a D.VI from a Revell Dr.I fuselage and D.VII wings, it's a
pretty easy conversion.


On 13 May 2016 at 09:49, Paul Thompson <flutes at xs4all.nl> wrote:

>     Finally got around to having a look. The Roden and Aeroclub fuselages
> match up quite well, except the lower wing is about 1/2 cm further forward
> on the Roden kit. The Roden lower wing is a mm or 2 shorter in span, the
> top one is the other way around. Both are longer than the plan. Aeroclub
> tailplane isn't great for shape or size, Roden much better. Rudders are
> both off, but the Roden being bigger allows you to sand it down. Minor
> problems with shapes of aileron and wing tips in both cases.
>     Since the top wing plan view is slightly smaller than the framework
> plan of the same, on the same page, I think it's safe to say this is
> another case where something hgas gone awry either in preparation of the
> plans or in re-dimensioning by the printer. So the published dimensions may
> well be correct.
>     BTW, Drastic flexing of the top wing on my example took out the warp
> quite nicely, only took a few seconds. If the plastic in yours doesn't
> respond as well it may be worth trying the usual resin treatment of heating
> in hot water before flexing, cursing while you burn your fingers, then
> cooling rapidly under the cold tap to freeze it in place. That takes only a
> few seconds longer so has to be faster than modding a Revell wing.
> Paul.


Andy Bannister
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