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>From Grosz & Koos "Fokker Flugzeugwerke in Deutschland 1912-21", wingspans
match the the Datafile.

Knut Erik

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> I'm thinking of starting a Fokker D.VI after I've finished Josef Jacob's
> Triplane, which is very nearly done. Just pulled out the D.VI datafile
> but there are some anomalies in the drawings. The top wing is oversized in
> both the 72nd and 48th scale drawings and the bottom wing is considerably
> undersized in both, at least according to the dimensions published at the
> back of the same publication (7.2m top, 5.81m bottom). The fuselage is very
> slightly too short, again according to the datafile dimensions, but not
> enough to worry about. To further confuse matters the Roden 72nd kit has a
> top wing 18" longer than the published dimensions but a bottom wing that's
> almost bang on. The fuselage is very close to the drawings.
> Are the dimensions in the datafile incorrect? I've seen dimensions
> published elsewhere (okay, it was Wikipedia!) that better match the Roden
> kit. I suspect Martin Digmayer's drawings are wrong in the datafile as the
> bottom wing is noticeably too short compared to photos and the error may
> have been compounded by reproducing the plan view drawings incorrectly.
> I plan on replacing the top wing with a modified Revell D.VII item as the
> Roden wing has a rather drastic dihedral moulded in that will be more
> trouble than it's worth to try and straighten.
> Thanks,
> Andy
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