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Can't help with the drawings but back when I did the review of the Roden
1/32 D.VI, I believe I read that there were two very different D.VI
prototypes depending on which engine was in the plane.  Perhaps that can
account for variations in the drawings.





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I'm thinking of starting a Fokker D.VI after I've finished Josef Jacob's
Triplane, which is very nearly done. Just pulled out the D.VI datafile but
there are some anomalies in the drawings. The top wing is oversized in both
the 72nd and 48th scale drawings and the bottom wing is considerably
undersized in both, at least according to the dimensions published at the
back of the same publication (7.2m top, 5.81m bottom). The fuselage is very
slightly too short, again according to the datafile dimensions, but not
enough to worry about. To further confuse matters the Roden 72nd kit has a
top wing 18" longer than the published dimensions but a bottom wing that's
almost bang on. The fuselage is very close to the drawings.

Are the dimensions in the datafile incorrect? I've seen dimensions published
elsewhere (okay, it was Wikipedia!) that better match the Roden kit. I
suspect Martin Digmayer's drawings are wrong in the datafile as the bottom
wing is noticeably too short compared to photos and the error may have been
compounded by reproducing the plan view drawings incorrectly.

I plan on replacing the top wing with a modified Revell D.VII item as the
Roden wing has a rather drastic dihedral moulded in that will be more
trouble than it's worth to try and straighten.





Andy Bannister
Thunderbird Models Ltd

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