[WWI] Billy Bishop at the Toronto Airport

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                Well, at least SOME people still remember him, braggart or
not.  I'm sure you're aware that there are those who refuse to acknowledge
him.  For instance, at the San Diego Aerospace Museum in San Diego you'll
find a wall of drawings of the great aces of WWI--a lineup that omits
Bishop.  I once kiddingly asked Howard Fisher, the museum curator and fellow
member of the League of World War I Aviation Historians (Over the Front),
about the omission, just to see if I could get a rise out of him.  I only
smiled when I received the diatribe that I expected, knowing Howard!

                But, wait, there's more:  in September 2015 I was at the RAF
Museum at Hendon and their even more extensive several "Walls of Fame" ALSO
did not include Bishop though they included even minor aces from other
nations, which thoroughly surprised me!  I suggested to one of the staff
members that this was an error and only got a reply of the equivalent of
"See the management!"


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