[WWI] Monoplane cook-up - Le Vengeur

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The stringer detail looks great Carlos!

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Please find attached some photos of my progress with the Morane.

I corrected some profile issues in the fuselage (comparing with the drawings in Datafile 58). Nothing too serious, but as one stringer starts at the top of the exhaust tunnel I added a piece of plastic to reduce the angle. I also cut the rear fuselage by the top longeron, leaving just a small part near the head rest to help with the alignment of the fuselage halfs. This will be cut later and replaced by a different, narrower, head rest. I made a new plan top with plastic card.

As the two locating pins don't help too much (in fact, they prevent a correct alignment) I replaced them by tabs made from plastic card. This helps a lot not only with alignment but also when you must work with both halfs unglued, as in this case.

One main problem with the kit is the lack of definition of the fuselage stringers, something that adds a lot to the "monocoque" Morane character. So I did new stringers with stretched sprue glued in grooves made with the help of a cutter blade. Scotch plastic tape 471 helps a lot on this work. It's not difficult nor time consuming, it only needs care and precision.

Next I spread putty all over...

...and after a few minutes I could scrape it *very carefully* along the stringers using a #11 blade. I needed to redo some spots and it still needs priming and sanding but the result is in my opinion good, if you compare it with the original.

Stay tuned for more progress soon!


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