[WWI] Monoplane Cookup

Shane Weier bristolf2b at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 9 20:41:41 EST 2016

Charlie says

>When you all started talking about a monoplane cook up a month back I dug out this 1/48 Roden D.I and started on it again after it sat for 15 years.

When you all started I studiously ignored it, knowing that I'm bloody hopeless at anything involving a finishing date, but I've now been inspired to join in.

I know I'll probably be delisted (again, it happened last night) but I intend to build a kit entirely as the manufacturer intended it, and to reduce the damage to my soul of having such evil thoughts and taking such sordid actions, I'll make it a 1/72 kit that otherwise I wouldn't be likely to have in my to build list any time this decade.

Sooo....Eduard 1/72 Fokker E.IV

I've had a quick look through the Datafiles so far reshelved after our move and see nothing about the E.IV.  Was there one? I expectthe only thing I need is a better idea of if and where the rigging might vary from the E.III since otherwise I'll follow Eduard's instructions.

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