[WWI] Would some one like to build an SE-5 and Jenny for a lecturer?

Thomas Solinski dr-i.417.17 at cox.net
Thu Apr 28 21:11:23 EDT 2016

Out of lurk mode.   A Mr. Tom Fife posted this on Facebook earlier today.
Thought one of you might like to contact him and give him a hand.


Hello everyone, I am looking for some one to custom build a model for me. I
am a writer and have written a true story about an American named George
Thomson that served in RFC/RAF 74 Squadron during WWI. I would like to find
someone that would be willing to build a large scale model of Thomson's SE5a
for use in historical displays and talks. I have a large scale model of a
JN-4 that you can see me using at a talk I recently gave for the local Boy
Scout troop. I picked it up commercially, it's rudimentary and I need to
repaint it to represent the trainer aircraft he flew in Canada and Texas but
it will suffice for now. Also attached is a photo of two of his uniforms in
my collection. I'm serious about this and if you think this is an
undertaking you'd like to explore, please email me at
tommythomsonbookproject at gmail.com and then we can discuss the details. Thank
you in advance.  <https://www.facebook.com/tom.fife.9> Tom Fife


The actual FB post:




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