[WWI] Any interested in WW1 Railways?

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Very true, we walked the embankment of one in Val Gardena that the Austrians built in 1915, that was in use to 1960.
I guess the narrow gauge was a lot cheaper to build and maintain.

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These narrow gauge trains were also important tools in the rebuilding of the affected countries after WW1 and ended up in almost every corner of the globe.
A number of locomotives and some rolling stock still exists, some of it kept in working conditions.

Knut Erik

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I’m normally as interested as the next guy (and I’m not sure how interested he is).  But I did find this fascinating. Perhaps because we were in Namibia last spring and visited Pomona in the Sperrgebiet (forbidden diamond area). Amongst all the other deserted wreckage of the German era was the remains of the narrow gauge railway they used to transport diamond sand to the factory. There were no locomotives left, but I’ve seen photos of them and they were very similar to these. This sort of brought it all to life, thanks.

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