[WWI] Added:RAF BE2c and more!

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Hi Paul
Stitching detail on mine was the same as yours but I did not notice mould slippage issues although my model is being heavily modified.

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Quoting Stephen Cox <steveoldglebe at gmail.com>:

> Thanks Randy.  There is a build review of the BE2c by Paul Thompson in the
> latest Great War SIG newsletter, no. 5-1
>    https://sites.google.com/site/greatwarsig/Resources
> I haven¹t the mould misalignment problem that he had on any of the four 
> kits
> I have.
Nor have I, although I notice it does have the current Airfix trend of 
having the mould separation lines along the
mating edge (make sure you clean them up) which explains how Paul's got 


    The second one I had was as nearly but not quite as bad as the first, 
with the same soft detail on one side, so presumably from the same batch. 
How is the stitching detail either side of yours, Daves and Steve? If both 
sides are okay, they must be from a separate batch.

    I have the dogfight double pre-ordered and that should ship soon 
according to Airfix, so I'll have a good look at it.


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