[WWI] Added:RAF BE2c and more!

Clarence Wentzel cewentzel at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 6 19:25:34 EDT 2016

Wow!!  Great interior. Well done.  I love the details of the fuel tank even though they would be hidden.
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Re: [WWI] Added:RAF BE2c and more!This is how the inside of my FK8 ended up.

On 06/04/2016 17:55, "Paul E. Thompson" <flutes at xs4all.nl> wrote:

    Forgot to say, nice Bees, and also the FK8. The latter was my first Pegasus kit, and something of a baptism of fire, but well worth the effort. It's a shame that the interior of many Pegasus kits was largely generic, but I'd rather have good detail on the outside where you can see it than the other way around, which is why IMHO they are good kits.

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