[WWI] Fokker Eindeckers question

Carlos Carreira cacarr1960 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 5 19:09:23 EDT 2016

Hi all,

When I received the recent Airfix kit I imediately compared it with the
other Eindeckers I own - Revell, Eduard and ICM -  and the Airfix is unique
in one feature: in plan view, the fuselage tapers in thickness towards the
rear directly from the front, while all the others have a parallel section
from the front to the rear of the cockpit. This is also noticeable in all
the plans I could find: Datafiles, Harleyford, In Action, and some
contemporary ones from Mike Fletcher's CD.

I am not sure, but from photos of the parts I think that the Wingnut Wings
kit is similar to the Airfix one in this (some listee may confirm this).

I have looked at many photos of the Science Museum machine but they are not
clear in this point; However, a photo of some "naked" E.IV's in page 45 on
the In Action book makes me think that Airfix may be correct.

What do you think?

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