[WWI] Emhar Plastic

dave fleming dave.fleming2 at dial.pipex.com
Mon Apr 4 10:41:35 EDT 2016

Picked up an Emhar 1/72 mk IV Female last week for part of a planned Rhombus project. Bit shocked by the plastic
used. The last Emhar kits I built (maybe 10 years back ) had fairly normal, if softish, plastic but this has hard,
brittle, translucent styrene (not a lot of plasticisers in there). Not only that, but one of the side panels has a
serious warp at one of the sprue gates. The 'Made in...' on the bottom panel now says CHina rather than England as well.

I might revise my plans and use the side sponsons on a Master Box kit to make a mk III and look for another, older
Emhar kit!

Just a heads up to anyone looking at these kits - if possible, check the box!


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