[WWI] Finding Nemo, er.. Diego

Diego Fernetti dfernetti at gmail.com
Sun Apr 3 20:19:37 EDT 2016

Hi Guys!
I've been heere all the time, just silent... wasn't that nice of me?
On th other side, my work email address @rosario.gov.ar is acting up
lately, getting whole bunches of messages and entire threads at once and
out of temporal order. This makes quite difficult to participate in the
forum, until the email account is fixed.
You can communicate thru this email address (dfernetti at gmail.com) or if you
can, by pm to my Facebook account, which as noted I always have in the
background when using the computer.
I have been a bit busy these last months, having changed to a new workplace
and having changed my usual routine. I hope I don't have appeared as
ignoring you, as I rad the list messages from time to time, as they fall
into my inbox. Not much of OT modelling lately neither, but I have been
sorting out stuff to build as soon as thing settle down a bit and more
"modelling weather" starts in my neck of the woods.
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