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Hi All


That is a picture of a British S.S.Zero Airship gondola. One was sold to the
US, they must have used their own engine. As far as I am aware they did not
make any themselves but they did make 16 B Class Airships using a Curtiss
Jenny fuselage as the Gondola with the envelope resembling a Parseval type
more than a British Blimp. The C class proceeded but I know very little
about these other than it was of their own design.







Thats likely to be one of the ten C-class blimps which didn`t go into

service until the end of WW1:





Knut Erik


Once again I'm mistaken, here is the one that I recalled, it may be based on
the drawings but the gondola is much larger and twin engined.  And too late
to be OT, but worth a look.  At least it has Liberty engines!


 <http://www.shorpy.com/node/15183> http://www.shorpy.com/node/15183

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