[WWI] Very ot diorama help needed

Thayer Syme thayer at gryffinaero.com
Fri Jan 24 11:03:41 EST 2014


I would look at some of the YouTube vids from the model railroading 
community. I have seen some great simulations of water that don't 
look too hard to accomplish. Woodland Scenics has what looks to be a 
good product, as I would expect.


>The Big Boss at work shamelessly played on my modeler's ego and 
>roped me into building a model of our wastewater treatment process. 
>Some of the tanks are open top and I will need to represent water in 
>them, (some clear and some of what we call "lumpy" water)
>Are there any ship builders or diorama makers who have had 
>experience using resin to simulate water? If you know of any on-line 
>tutorials or care to answer some of my novice questions, I'd sure 
>appreciate a shout.

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