[WWI] Selling Cross and Cockade set

r_niles1 at juno.com r_niles1 at juno.com
Sat Jan 18 20:57:26 EST 2014

Greetings all

Coming out of lurk again to send out this information to the group.

As some of you know IPMS Silverwings, Sacramento Calif. lost an old friend last year when Dennis Trimble suddenly passed away. Many of you did not now Dennis, I was fortunate to be a very old friend of his and knew him many years.

We are now in the process of selling off his large collection of models and books. 

Included in his library was a set of Cross and Cockade. This set started at Vol 1 no 1 and went through Vol 26 No 2. As far as I can tell the only missing one is Vol 22 No 2. It may be there somewhere we just don't see it in the initial go through.

My question is, Is anyone interested in purchasing this set of C&C? 
Because of the weight of the set it would really be better if someone here in Northern California could or would jump on this. I have no idea of the value, but would certainly entertain offers.

Any takers????



Russell Niles
IPMS 4450
Sacramento Ca

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