[WWI] Eduard vs Roden

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I agree with Magnus,  and find that Roden features much more for engine and interior details.  I have built two Roden and also two Eduard Fokker D.VII's.  Eduard is easier to assemble and a quicker build, but the disadvantages are that the cowl/fuselage is all one piece per side, with the upper cowl molded closed and no internal nose detail.  Also the engine is a simplified combination of a Mercedes and BMW engine with separate intake and carburetor the only difference, although this does not matter too much with the closed upper cowlings.  The Roden kit on the other hand, has two complete engines for the Mercedes and BMW, only common part is the cam if I remember correctly.   It also has all of the forward fuselage tubing, engine support and firewall as well as each panel separate, so you can build it with an open upper cowl, closed cowl or upper, lower and side cowls removed.  
And for the Bristol F2B the Eduard kit has the same thing, a one piece fuselage half with all cowlings molded closed, and the engine is simply represented with a plastic piece that glues inside the fuselage half with lumps for the cylinders on it.  On the other hand Roden gives you this:

Dave Calhoun

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I guess I am curious to know what you like better about Roden kits? I understand that they produce subjects that I really want to build - I have made 4 variants of their Albatros kits that are not really available elsewhere. Comparing say, their Dr.1 kits? I used the Roden engine but that was it. Why would I not want to make the Eduard kit in preference?

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In some ways, I like Roden better. But that is from a purely subjective view. Eduards newer kits are a lot better engineered, and quite buildable. But they feel boring compared to Roden.

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