[WWI] Eduard vs Roden

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Well, I am not that old.  And second, I think you know what I mean by decent but clean mold with less flash, good fit, no unnecessary tooling or over-engineering unless it enhances the model or increases the available variants. Accuracy too. All the things that you would want.

As for Shane's comment about wanting something that was already built - well, yes, I suppose but I do like some challenge and I like to have models that represent WW1 and as many as I can make; so far, I have about 50-60 built WW1 models. If you could buy ready-made models of the same detail that I build, I think:

They would probably be too expensive for me.I wouldn't get as much satisfaction from making them.


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      It is like good art - I cannot define it but I know
        it when I see it.


    You're a befuddling model critic, old chap.

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