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Shane Weier will possibly weigh-in on this but it is something we've discussed a lot on this list.

I don't think any business should be responsible for the stewardship of the hobby - not only is that unfair, it is impractical unless the company is so large as to be completely pervasive.

I recognize that WW1 is a niche area with only a limited number of modelers willing to build biplanes. It's nice to be in a sort of unique area in which fewer people are interested. As such, the technology of plastic model kit production dictates that you need economies of scale - set-up costs are high and you need a lot sales to justify that. With Eduard, I am sure there WW2 material makes more money and sells more and hopefully their WW1 stuff makes some money too but nowhere near the WW2 stuff in terms of return rate. IN all likelihood, there is some subsidization of WW1 by the WW2 kits. I am not sure why they don't just do WW2 but possibly they like to diversify a bit to reduce risk or they do not want to saturate the WW2 market. 
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<Rant mode on>It's an absolute shame that both these companies finally 'got it right' then abandon 1/72 scale WWI aircraft.  I get the feeling that we are beta testers.  Both of these companies refined their processes and improved their quality using this scale and subjects and as soon as they start turning out kits comparable to Tamiya, they go for the large scale WWII subjects.  I understand it's a business and they have to make a profit, but isn't there some responsibility for stewardship of the hobby and those who got you where you are?  The modern day practical answer is no (you keep what you kill mentality), but should it be yes?<Rant mode off>
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