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Paul Thompson flutes at xs4all.nl
Thu Jan 16 05:22:39 EST 2014

    I suppose it depends on what you like in the hobby, but I prefer the option to build many different variants of a type and will happily put up with all the fettling that requires so long as it isn't what I would call unpleasant, given the price. The alternative is to hope that someone else sees a point in doing lots of standalone variants. I honestly do not mind the work entailed in such as the Roden Albatros series. To achieve most of the variants they offer would require a lot of modification to the basic Eduard offering, or the even easier to build and less realistic ancient Revell plastic. 

    There are sometimes problems with Roden kits - the earlier plastic was too brittle, which meant cleaning up small parts was fraught with too much excitement to be fun. And earlier kits also had mould damage artefacts like the lumps on the Pfalz D.II wings. And we all know about the variable but generally poor decals. And okay, the Albatros wing breakdown wasn't a bed of roses, but having read up on how to approach it I've not found it a problem. Same for the strut fitting through the 1/48th Fokker D.VII cowlings.  But the end results look to my eye much better than the Eduard, in the not so many cases that they've covered the same ground.

    Oh, and my last word on the Eduard F2b - the various bits that went to make up the fuselage on my sample fit very, very badly, and needed a hell of a lot of putty and sanding. 

    Anyway, you don't have to worry much about it in future do you? Roden more or less ceased new tool production of OT subjects, and Eduard have been very quiet the last few years until  the recently announced centenary kits,  the occasional re-issue, and the stripdown DH2.

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