[WWI] Squadron whacky Wednesday OT special for 1-15-14 or

Paul Thompson flutes at xs4all.nl
Wed Jan 15 11:23:52 EST 2014

Presumably the Eduard kit is actually better than Roden?<

    Depends on what you like. It's a lot less fiddly, and they're both 
fairly accurate, but personally I prefer the Roden. The trouble with the 
Roden kit is that you get a complete engine, and if you want all the panels 
on you have to be very careful with cleanup and test fitting. Most of the 
engine needs to go in to support the prop and exhausts, and provide the 
magnetos and sump you can see through the cowling apertures.

    The PE in Eduard's standard kit has lots of stuff you can do without. 
The harness isn't appropriate in any case unless you build a post war 
machine, so you'd need to find or make lap belts for bothkits.

    Academic for Michael anyway, 'cos it ain't his scale..........  The 
Roden 1/72nd kit, OTOH, is one of their better efforts.


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