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What do you mean exactly "Ambiguous"? Was the molding off? I usually ensure the interplane struts are the correct length and the same length. Once they are glued, I generally end up discarding the cabanes and making my own & gluing these into place.

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> Diego,
> The interplane struts were a bit ambiguous as to length in my kit.  I cut them off too short and made new ones from Contrail stock.  And yes, I was heavy handed as well but in the cabene struts.  I pieced them back together.
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> Stuart
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> > Stuart!
> >> I just finished their Hanriot.  I butchered the cabene struts, and 'ran out of talent' on the landing gear,
> > Nice model! (although, I don't quite like those PE propellers, sorry)
> > The cabane struts were tricky on that kit. I made my own, using "Strutz!" and also my own undercarriage struts, because... I was a bit heavy handed sanding them to thickness and one just snapped!
> > D.
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