[WWI] Filling those indentations on vac wings

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The problem, even with a fine putty filler like Milliput is that you cannot make it in as thin trips as you need to with out it maybe crumbling. It's robust but not that robust. Plastic rod is a better bet, I think.

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      The answer
          in my experience is "maybe"

    Well yes. Everything can fail. In fact I'm more than
      interested now to try this. It might not work properly, as you


        The problem with
          wiping it down with a fingertip, is that if I apply enough
          pressure to remove the excess, i also apply enough pressure to
          indent the putty that's supposed to be filling the indent! I
          end up with reduced but not eliminated lines.

    It might take certain practice to wipe off the right
      amount of putty, that's true. I guess that a) the amount of putty
      should be just a thin "string" over the rib and b) pushing it over
      the groove with a wet finger might be with just enough pressure to
      stick the putty over the plastic yet no to carry it off the
      surface. I guess it would take some practice to get it right and
      some cleaning up after. Gee, it's the same with many other
      modelling skills.

          that's what I *want* usually - to reduce rather than remove a
          panel line. However for filling entirely where there should be
          no channel, not so good.

    I usually clog the panel lines with sanding dust., then I paint
    forgetting that the model is clogged up.

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